Your curiosity has triumphed

Nice to see you here – apparently the curiosity was stronger than the urge to check if this website is safe at all. Fortunately, you haven’t downloaded any harmful content to your device. Probably you didn’t even think of such crap, but either saw the penguin or read coffee. You’ve come to the right place for both.

The perfect cup of joe

For a long time, coffee kept me alive. This is still the case, but some time ago I noticed that although I love coffee, I take it for granted. We still say “I love you,” but we’re actually just living next to each other. We want to value ourselves again, take more time for each other and give the whole thing more momentum again.

Who doesn’t like coffee?!

Anyone who reads this paragraph and thinks: I – I do not like coffee! need not read any more, because that is exactly what this is about:
People who need coffee and love it.
With Pinguin Blend Coffee we try to give you the best possible coffee. So… wait a minute
Actually, this isn’t about you guys, so not in the first place.

It’s about us. We want to find the best possible coffee for us. Be it computer games, sports or jobs such as the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) at the very top, or the normal office job. We want to have the perfect coffee for every situation. In every cup. Without much effort and without the mold, or other crap that you actually find in most mass-produced coffees.
No bullshit. Come with pleasure into the information spiral, in which we found ourselves and read more about mould in coffee beans.

Looking for good, healthy coffee.

We’re serious about this. We want the best possible coffee for… as little money as possible. Sounds hackneyed, but since this is primarily about us, you’ll understand that we don’t spend a lot of money on our coffee and are actually already in the red when we leave the door in the morning.

Give us a minute

Good things take time. We don’t want to start as fast as possible with our penguin Blend Coffee. We want to take the time to find exactly what we’re looking for. Anything we can’t drink ourselves is for you. But give us some more time. We are working flat out to find the right beans and the right way to process them. But as they say:
Mark my words!
By the beginning of 2020 at the latest, we will all be able to enjoy the first coffee from PBC. Stay tuned.


In case you also believe in us and would like to sip some good Penguin Blend Coffee soon, you are welcome to support the whole process. You’ll definitely be the first to get the PBC in the cup!